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Baby Driver @ Purgatory

  • The Clubhouse 1607 North Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90027 United States (map)

Purgatory is the show where we take your rock bottom moments and turn them into comedy gold. Monologists share their most embarrassing, most intimate, most traumatizing experiences, which serve as the inspiration for the city's best improv teams. Throw in a heaping helping of stand up, music, characters, and more, and you've got yourself a show!

This week's lineup:


Stand Up by:
Wyatt Gray

Monologues by:
Chase McGown

Improv by:
Baby Driver
(Courtney Sevener, Matt Apodaca, Brad Varian, Jake Fallon, Katie Nathan, Sarah Bowie Tither-Kaplan, Alyssa Sabo, Alex Honnet, Wes Martinez, Brian Bakos, Elle Eckley, Jimmy Kehoe, Dane Troy, and Jane Kim)

Sally Dwangle
(Abbie Steckler, Caitlin Gilbert, Hope Jaymes, Lena Olson, Ruby Kostur)

Your Host Team, PURGATORY
(Michelle Thompson, Charlie Mihelich, Allison Spence Brown, Gabi Van Horn, Nikki Taguilas)


Characters by:
Drew Spears

Monologues by:
Nicole Lauria

Improv by:
Joe Biden
(Jake Fallon, Aman Adumer, Natalie D'amico, Bryan Rainstein, and Scott Theide)

Get Out
(Jacquis Neal, Molly Cerne)

Mystery Machine
(Cailey Follet, Mary Nguyen, Louise Sylvester, Gabe Fabricant, Chris Binning, Katie Elsaesser)

Free beer! Free water! Free parking! Free show!

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