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Stuffed Crust @ Del Close Marathon FOMO Show

  • UCB Sunset 5419 W Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90027 United States (map)

Every year, improvisers from all over the planet converge upon NYC to perform and party at the Del Close Marathon -- a three-day, non-stop improv festival. In the later hours of the night at DCM, things get weird. You might see an improv set performed by eight Jay Lenos, or a show where everyone plays a stripper with a terrible pun for a name.

What happens in LA during those three days? NOTHING. So, to curb our FOMO, we're bringing some of the insanity you'd see in NYC right here to Los Angeles. Come join some of UCB-LA's best performers as they bring the sweaty debauchery of DCM to UCB Sunset on a balmy Saturday evening.

STUFFED CRUST ORDERS A PIZZA: Our opening team comes on stage and dials the number and gets the audience as a whole to order a pizza in the hopes that it will be delivered by the end of the show for the audience to consume. [Jimmy Kehoe, Courtney Sevener, and Dani Shank]

MANSPLAIN-PROV: A group of ladies dress up like dudes and instead of "yes and" they get real into "well, actually..." [Joan Ford, Cait Raft, Connie Shin, Taylor Orci, Ann Maddox, Haley Mancini, Nicki Urban, Gina Ippolito]

LONG FORM LONG PANTS: Our team will perform a set wearing pants with extremely long legs, and we will tie the extremely long legs together so we are all entangled with each other. [Alice Bebbington, Ella Louise, Skyler Madsen, Robert McMillan, Sam Pasternack, Sandra Saad, Jessica Zepeda]

SIT, STAND, EAT A HAMBURGER: in every scene, someone must be standing, another person must be sitting, and another person must be eating a hamburger [Joey Bergren, John Paul Green, Elizabeth Green, Carolyn Klarecki, John Totman, Brian Waldron, Alex Warheit]

SONAR IMPROV: Performers will perform scenes completely blindfolded. The audience will act as their "eyes" (or sonar) and warn them if they're about to fall off the stage. [Andrew Hahn, James Leighton, Tim Neumann, Daniel Angareets, Ben Dalton]

THE HELIUM PEANUT BUTTER SHOW: half of the performers have a mouthful of peanut butter and the other half has to suck a big balloon full of helium right before scenes [Jake Fallon, Amanda Bonar, Alice Bebbington, Andrew Lindh, Jimmy Kehoe, Cory Webster, Miranda Hart]

CINDER BLOCK IMPROV:  Chairs switched out for cinder blocks, the cinder blocks are also used as props for the scene! [Averey Johnson, Bryan Blatt, Domonic Sanfilippo, Jay Grant, Michael Hangii, and Tim Montoya]

1 MAN PATTERN GAME w/ Jonny Svarzbein

WEIRDLY SPECIFIC SCENE PAINTING: Nothing by Scene Painting followed by more scene painting [Dick Beck, Jesse Esparza, Joan Ford, Skander Halim, Ann Maddox, Matt Manser, Dina Taylor]

WOMEN EATING CAKE TO BIRTHDAY CAKE BY RIHANNA'S: One Super Fun Late Night style Silent Soundtrack [Lyndsey Frank, Erin McGown, Katie Plattner, Emily Schmidt, and Naomi Villa]