Hey, McBeard: This is me, Courtney Sevener. I'd like to think I'm pretty cool (please, god).

I'm a comedian. I've been doing improv & sketch comedy for over 4 years in Austin, TX. It's been amazing, but I'm looking for a change. As a born and raised Texan - I'm ready to explore other parts of the country and spread my wings a bit. (Ugh I just said spread my wings - I would'nt blame you if you stopped reading - but don't! There's good stuff coming). I'm moving to Los Angeles to chase the dream this July, and I'd love to work for McBeard. My friend Kimberly Bozeman loves it there, and I think I'd be a great fit. Here's why:

I find humor in any situation because comedy is my life, which makes me a great candidate for working with social media. I'll write funny, engaging, shareable content for your clients - and the best part is - it will be fun for me too.

I want to take you on a little pop culture/social media tour of Courtney Sevener. I'm going to share some attributes and some examples of my sense of humor. Go ahead and scroll down now.


I wrote, directed, and starred in this Mad Men parody to advertise a monthly sketch show I am in. You ever notice how those "on the next Mad Men" segments never really told us anything? Me too.